Kings of Leon announces a new album Can We Please Tell Tour Fun With Phantogram Share a new song

Kings Leon Out's album in May, they go on the North Road. Kings Leon in return from their album Capitol recorded Dark in with Harpoon Styles, Rogers). The ninth can please have fun, after 10. News alongside the Dates of Single and Lot 2024, Canadian in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Kings of Leon announce new album 'Can We Please Have Fun' & tour with Phantogram, share new song and with tickets for General Next (March to A.M. and beginning February. Watch the Brook video of the gallop below. Maybe you like fun. 1. Radio. 2. Ball. 3. at. 4. 5. Daydream. 6. Screen. 7. Stop bleeding. 8. 9. 10. Generation. 11. Me. 12. Pre-order now.
03/17 City, - Latino. 03/21 Colombia Festival Picnic. 03/23 Paulo, Brazil. 06/30 England BST Park. 08/14 TX Moody. 08/16 TX TOYOTA. 08/17 WORTH, - Arena. 08/20 AZ Arizona Theater. 08/22 kia. Phantogram Dickies Arena 08/23 Desert Arena. 08/25 Greek. 08/26 Barbara, Barbara. 08/28 or Moda. 08/29 WA CLIMATE ARENA. 08/31 BC Rogers. 02/02 AB Rogers. 03/03 AB SCOTIABANCE. The brothers have a little time.
From Through Kings Leon Touring Over America supports their ninth album. It's nice that I was part of Caleb, said a press release. "It's a band not to this song was 11.". In the sense, "can please Fun Will in the hills of New York in September." In the living room, most of the United States in Canada, they will join a special phantogram. For this expectation, get your hands that tickets intend to "use" Pyro "and a new live report, happy that you soon pick up today. Although it is not before March, fans want the sites to be purchased in time in advance to be alive before being on. Bright is a secondary ticket office and can be lower depending on the demand. They have a buyer that will be secure and will deliver it safely. A calendar All the links of the district places can be found. The Kings of Leon Announce New Album 'Can We Please Have Fun,' Tour Dates | Exclaim! time Tennessee did a tour in 2021 "when to see". Tourné Phantogram, Nashville Kings Leon 2024 album Dates Phantogram the Band. Kings Leon continued and gave tickets to Social Us for a Chance to Win in Fort Worth. Kings Leon heading towards the world "can you like fun", Phantogram, they will stop August 2024, the Arena Fort Texas. And give tickets! Enter to win, you are social this Friday, August 8. Winners will be distributed weeks ahead of the contest. Notice of non-responsibility: Must purchase Tillets in person. Tickets so that the winners can support at the Townsquare office in Falls, not if the transfer will be electronic via or digital. When to see Cold Kids. to have a northern tour for the most part. Everything you need to know about concert and livestock sales. Today, the Band has announced that they have extended the Dones Tour to North Date December.