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Governor Rick Scott's personal "blue anger" may be the caption of a recent government advertisement. Blue hate with "Deep blue" in bold yellow words is at the center of an attack campaign against the choice of the Republican Senate that gives an unfavorable light to his record in the health sector and to his formidable assistance of experienced people . We confirm whether the individuals' claims are accurate. "I see Rick Scott threading his blue hate pretty much everywhere he goes, but, no doubt, what he does to experienced people ..", says Mike Madison, even if he stared at the camera. The ad works as an expert in deep blue, Mike Madison. He accuses Governor Scott's previous organization of features defrauding the army's health software. "Governor, this hate symbolizes exactly what deep blue means, recognition and integrity, my problem for you there, where is yours?" Madison asks in advertising. As stated in Governor Scott's official biography, he offered his enthusiasm aboard the USS Glover as a gentleman on the palate. In accordance with the Polk Bay proceedings, Scott entered the Deep Blue in 1979 and offered 29 weeks. But this advertisement does not dispute his military service. It's wondering what happened many years later. "His health center has taken thousands of dollars, defrauding the army's health software." Scott pleaded on the 5th and walked away with the whole package and today it's worth 5 best nautical more than $ 200,000, Madison says in advertising. Scott could be the former boss of Mexico / HCA, which has become the largest for-profit health care organization in the United States. In 1997, federal real estate agents presented an analysis. Scott was reconciled a few months later, after which everything became a community.

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